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Screen Printing

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Hand and automatic

Contract Screen Printing

D&S is a leader in the Screen Printing Industry. We are consistently rated A+ through Sage and have been awarded several top supplier awards. We take these ratings seriously as they reflect our customers' opinion of their experience with D&S. We offer quality hand and automatic screen printing with a minimum of 5 working days production. Production time does not start until we have a signed proof approval and your goods are checked into our factory. Please allow 2-3 working days for proof. For orders over 5000 pieces, please call for scheduling.

1 - Color
2 - Color
3 - Color
4 - Color
5 - Color
6 - Color
7 - Color
12 to 23
24 to 47
48 to 71
72 to 143
144 to 249
250 to 499
500 to 999
1000 to 2499
2500 to 4999
5000 to 9999
10000 up

NOTICE: The above prices are for dark inks on light colored shirts.   |  For Light ink on Darker Shirts, add a Flash charge of $0.67(r) each.  |  For short sleeve prints, and on or above the pocket prints add $0.34(r) each |  For long sleeve prints add $0.50(r) per print.  |   For sweatshirts Add $0.67(r) per piece.  |  Oversized print charge: imprints over 13 inches wide up to 15.5” wide add $1.25(r) each. Maximum imprint sizes - T-shirts/Sweatshirts 13” wide x 15” tall, For Jackets/reversible Jerseys - 13” wide x 13” tall, for Caps - 4.5” wide x 2.25” tall, for Visors - 4” wide x 1.5” tall.All Jackets, Reversible Jerseys and Cap/Hat orders require a one-time setup of $50.00(r) to prepare the job.  This is in addition to any art charges or other fees.

See Standard Ink Colors chart here.

Specialty Printing Methods

Click a printing method to see an explanation.

Process Color

Turn Multi color art into 4-color using CMYK. Artwork for process color requires an art charge of $167(r) minimum. Please provide a color printout. Due to the nature of process inks they will pick up the color of the shirt behind the print therefore, only white, ash, or natural garments can be printed on. Additional spot colors may be required for lettering or logos. Color matching is not available with process printing.

Distress or Soft Hand

We can make any artwork look distressed. Coupled with Special Soft hand inks that make the image flexible or “soft,” your imprint will look awesome. There is a $0.83(r) up charge for soft hand inks and an $8.33(r) art fee, one time, for making distressed art. When ordering a distressed print you must specify if you would also like it “soft hand.” Soft hand is thinner and will not cover darker garments as completely.

Belt/Side/Odd Location Prints

Belt, Side and Odd location imprints require an up charge for extra handling. Up charges for these special locations vary but most will be an additional $0.67(r) per location. If you have a special placement that you would like your imprint on, please contact us for a quote.

Glow in the Dark

Glow in the dark ink gives a phosphorus glow at night. It is charged by the sunlight and, due to the nature of the ink, will appear off white with a green tinge in normal daylight. Glow in the Dark ink requires a $1.67(r) per location up charge. Glow in the Dark ink requires a large amount of ink to work well so fine detailed artwork should be avoided. On dark garments, Glow in the Dark ink requires white behind it and will be priced as a 2 color plus the up charge.

Glitter Ink

Glitter ink is a clear coat with glitter embedded in the ink. Using this ink will give your logo a shine. There is a slight green tinge to the glitter. Glitter is priced as a second color and can go over any color of ink.

Puff Ink

Puff ink creates raised imprinting that gives your logo a 3D look. Great for textures and other uses along with imagery that makes your logo “jump” off the fabric. There is no additional charge to use Puff ink.

Reflective Ink

Reflective ink provides a “shine” when flashed with light at night. It is not ANSI/NTSB certified but still gives a good reflection for added visibility. Reflective ink requires a $1.67(r) per location up charge. Reflective requires a large amount of ink to work well so fine detailed artwork should be avoided. Reflective ink is considered a light ink and will require a flash charge.

Soy Eco-Friendly Ink

Looking for an earth friendly alternative to regular plastisol inks? Try Soy Inks. All the benefits of regular plastisol ink without the environmental impact. In addition to earth friendliness, soy is also a low conductor alternative and flame resistant which makes it great for electricians and fire fighting applications. Please add $0.67(r) per color to your imprint. Available in most standard colors.

Neon Ink

Neon inks must have an under base if printing on colored shirts. Neon ink is priced as a two color imprint unless printed on white shirts.

Metallic Ink

Metallic ink has a foil additive added to the ink to create a “sparkle”. Although not adequate to be considered “reflective,” the ink does have some shine to it. There is no additional charge to use Metallic ink.

Personalization / Numbering

Small left chest, $7.50(r) per name. Large names on back, $11.66(r) per name. 50.00(r) minimum. You must furnish a typed list.

Numbers are available for $7.50(r) per number (one or two digit 6-8 inch numbers, block). For 2 color numbers price as 2 numbers ($15.00(r) each). $50.00(r) minimum.

Standard & Custom Ink Colors

D&S has several colors that we use as standard ink colors free of charge. All of our Standard Colors can be found HERE.

If you require a specific color of ink, we use the Pantone Matching System formulas for Paper Printing. While we can use Hex # and RGB formulas, the match may or may not be accurate. For best results please us the proper PMS color chart so that we can develop a formula. PMS matching using C or U colors is $50.00(r) per match. Custom Matching without a formula is vailable for $166.67(r). In addition there will be a run charge of $0.16(r) per imprint on all PMS matches and Custom matches.