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Decorating Info


Contract Embroidery

D&S offers quality embroidery with a minimum of 7 working days production. We also offer in house digitizing for the highest quality embroidered imprints. Production time for your order does not start until we have a signed proof approval and your goods are checked into our factory. Pease allow 2-3 working days for a proof. For orders over 1000 pieces, please call for scheduling. During seasonal rush periods production times WILL increase.

1 - 6000 Stitches
Each 1000 Stitches over 6000 add
1 to 5
6 to 11
12 to 23
24 to 47
48 to 71
72 to 143
144 to 249
250 to 499
500 to 999
1000 to 2499
2500 to 4999
5000 up
All Stitch counts are rounded to the Next Thousand. Lightweight Jackets and Sweatshirts please add $0.67(r) each. Carhart or other bulky jackets add $1.67(r) each.

Embroidery Methods

Click an embroidery method to see an explanation.

Puff Embroidery

For Puff Embroidery a foam piece is inserted behind the stitching to create a 3D effect. This requires a very dense layer of thread over the foam. Digitizing for Puff embroidery is different as the ends of the design or letters need to cut off the foam. Puff digitizing stitch counts will be much higher than regular digitizing. Please add $1.00(r) per piece to use puff. Although we can do flats, this type of embroidery is recommended for caps.

The Robinson Anton Thread chart can be viewed here.

Personalized Names

Small left chest names are $7.50(r) per name, up to 6000 stitches. Large on back or names incorporated in designs are priced based on actual stitch count using the 6-11 pricing chart with a minimum charge of $11.66(r) per name, please furnish a typed list of names. There is a $33.33(r) minimum for names.

The Robinson Anton Thread chart can be viewed here.

Applique Embroidery

We have exciting new things for you with applique. Take a boring project of basic screen printing or embroidery and turn it into a WOW project. We can custom cut out your logo or wording out of standard basic colored fabric and sew it onto your apparel. Even more WOW, sublimate your custom pattern on fabric and then cut out your logo which is then sewn onto your apparel! Make that project shine!!

Basic color sheet $33.33(r) per sheet - Looking for a solid color applique? Using basic colored fabric we fit as many logos as we can on a 12x18 sheet. We then cut out your logo and sew it onto your garments. Fine detail logos are not recommended. Choose your embroidered edge (Satin, Hatch, or Line stitch) and voila~ custom applique.

The Robinson Anton Thread chart can be viewed here.

Fabric Colors:

Black, Khaki, Lilac, Navy, Pink, Purple, Red, Royal, Silver, White, Wine.

Custom Sublimated sheet $58.33(r) per sheet - Looking for something different? Custom sublimate your logos onto a 100% polyester fabric, we then cut out your logo and sew it onto your garments. We will fit as many logos as we can on a 12x18 sheet. Choose your embroidered edge (Satin, Hatch, or Line stitch).

The Robinson Anton Thread chart can be viewed here.

Metallic Thread:

Metallic thread is actually a colored foil wrapped around a monofilament thread. Prone to thread breaks and unraveling, this thread is very difficult to work with especially on fine lettering! This thread is best used as an accent to your logo and is not recommended for detailed images. Please add $0.67® per thousand stitches, per logo.

The Robinson Anton Thread chart can be viewed here.

Glow in the Dark Thread:

Glow in the dark thread gives a phosphorus glow at night. It is charged by the sunlight and due to the nature of the thread will appear off white with a green tinge in normal daylight. For Glow in the Dark Thread add $0.83(r) per thousand per logo.

The Robinson Anton Thread chart can be viewed here.

Odd Items:

Some items are difficult to hoop or even get on the embroidery machine. Golf Bags, Heavy Jackets, Wine bags, Blankets and even some hats require an additional up charge of $1.25(r) to $2.50(r) per item to embroider. We will give these by quote, most of the time we cannot give a quote until after we see your product.

The Robinson Anton Thread chart can be viewed here.

Neon Thread:

Neon Thread requires special dyes and is normally on polyester thread to produce a brighter shine. Because of the dyeing process the thread is more expensive than regular thread. Please add $0.42(r) per thousand stitches.

The Robinson Anton Thread chart can be viewed here.

Standard Thread Colors and Special Thread Charges:

We will match the colors you requested in your design as close as we can with colors we have in stock. If you must have a specific color that we do not have in stock there will be a $50.00(r) charge to order in the thread color. We have specific colors we always keep in stock (standard colors) that are never charged. If you have questions on thread colors please contact us.

The Robinson Anton Thread chart can be viewed here.

Embroidery Details


Embroidery machines require a “stitch” file to operate. All designs must be “digitized” into a stitch file. This stitch file tells the machine what needles to use, when to cut, and when to tie a knot. To make a stitch file there is a $66.67(r) fee for up to 6000 stitches. Additional stitches over 6000 are priced at $10.00(r) per 1000. We can edit an existing tape for $33.34(r), however we may be limited to what we can do. Please allow 3 days to produce a stitch file. For simple type designs you can use our stock fonts for $33.34(r) per design up to4 lines of type.

Furnished Tapes:

If you would like to furnish a tape there is a sew out fee to ensure that your tape sews correctly. The charge is $25.00(r) per tape. Please use Tajima format (.DST) when furnishing a tape.

For Faster Service on Digitizing:

The cost is an additional $25.00(r) plus $15.00(r) per 1000 stitches over 6000 for 2 day service. For 1 day service, it is an additional $41.67(r) plus $20.00(r) per 1000 stitches over6000.

Minimum charge/Production Proof:

Orders of 1-5 pieces will be charged a minimum charge of $33.34(r) or actual run charge, whichever is greater. Production proofs will be charged at $33.34(r) each. Please provide extra product or we can pull from your order.

Sew Outs:

Free sew out from digitizing done by us, on pellon. Shipping not included, your choice of shipping. E-mailing of proofs is available for free.

Change of Copy in Run:

To change the design with an order there is a $50.00(r) copy change to amalgamate pieces with different designs.

Change Over Charge:

To sew flats and hats on the same purchase order with the same tape add a $33.34(r)change over charge.

Second Location Embroidery:

Use the same schedule as above for each location.

Thread Changes:

Thread colors changed within a run add $20.00(r) per change.

Odd, Extra Large or Bulky Items:

Add $1.67(r) per piece for these items. All other placements or “unusual” items require a special quote that we will give AFTER we see the product to be embroidered.

Copy of Digitized Disk:

To send an actual disk copy, the charge is $33.34(r), an e-mailed copy $16.67(r). Shipping is not included, your choice of shipping.

Large Orders:

On orders of 1000 or more please contact us for a quote and scheduling.